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The freshwater town of 1997 was the beginning of CoCo. In this land of both humanity and tea, CoCo can start the dream industry by step by step, adhering to quality and service. Persist in giving customers better, and hope that strict selection of tea and high-quality drinks will allow more people to taste. CoCo can go deep into the freshwater area in 1999 and start to penetrate the local market. In 2007, it will enter the mainland market and actively prepare for the world. territory. Adhering t






Site selection guide

The professional development team at the headquarters can guide CoCo milk tea franchisees to enter the major channels or assist in the location negotiation of street shops, and estimate the flow of people and return on investment to achieve the scheduled opening schedule and achieve performance targets.


Supervisor, store

CoCo can accumulate 20 years of experience in milk tea joining, and CoCo can supervise and dispatch to the various regions to assist each CoCo milk tea franchise to strengthen its business skills to enhance its efficiency.


Custom marketing strategy

According to local conditions, customize different marketing strategies according to cultural differences. And combined with regional resources for cross-industry cooperation, and with global marketing strategies to strengthen brand awareness, to help franchisees to increase repurchase rates and to obtain support from new customers.



Supply of high quality ingredients

CoCo can purchase high-quality ingredients globally, and check the quality, quantity and price of global partner products.


Collaborative and efficient logistics system

Planning the logistics and warehousing system of each district, the headquarters and regional directors assist the CoCo franchisees to build a logistics distribution plan, and maintain the logistics support quality of the store under the consideration of convenience, accuracy, safety and cost.


New product development

CoCo is led by a professional R&D team, considering raw materials, seasonal ingredients, seasonal differences, flavors and various themed marketing activities to continuously introduce new types of beverages, and take the initiative to send food safety inspections to ensure quality and safety and product reputation first.

Join cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win

Baicheng Wandian, the franchise cooperation plan is starting...



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